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ShearMaster Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors

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   Chop,cut and peel when preparing dinner easily!
Make cooking a breeze! These multi-functional scissors are the
ultimate tool to have in your kitchenWith its versatile design
these scissors can easily cut peel and evenopen bottles and cans
with ease.
The need for multiple tools in your
kitchen drawer,and the sharp, durable blades ensure precision
cutting every time!

               Cooking dinner has never been easier!
√The perfectall-in-one kitchen tool-These kitchen scissors can
easily cutchop and peel any food in the kitchenmaking it the
perfect kitchen helper.
√ Replace the knives and cutting board-This multifunctional
kitchen scissors can perform many tasks easilyand canreplace
knives and cutting boards.

√ Durable, sharp blades for precision-ShearMasteris madewith
durable, sharp blades that can cutaccuratelybut are still strong
enough to cut through meatchicken bones and other foods in the
√Comfortable,non-slip handle- These kitchen scissors have a
comfortable and non-slip handle that makes them easy to usein
the kitchen for all types of tasks.
√ Reduce mess with the versatile design-These scissors have a
versatile design and multiple blades that allow you to perform
different tasks such as cutting meat and vegetablesbreaking
open nuts and even opening bottles.

What is included in the package
1x ShearMaster
1.Be careful when using the shearMasteras the blades are quite
2. Cover the blades with the protective cover when the scissors are
not in use and keep them out of the reach of children.
3. Dry the blade after cleaning to prevent it from corroding

.Material: Stainless steel