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eSaver #1 Rated Energy Saving Appliance

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It's no secret that electricity prices are rising steadily every year, but thanks to this new Nikola-Tesla-inspired technology, consumers can save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on their electricity bills.

This year, a new study revealed that most people pay as much as $27.6 billion a year in electricity bills.

We have an energy crisis -- and a lack of energy from lawmakers and utility commissions to tackle the shady business of selling high-priced electricity to consumers.

Both sides are covering each other and doing nothing. Just this year, the Public Utilities Commission sent lawmakers a report on the brilliant, incredible, fantastic power shopping system it oversees. one question? Not on their watch.

Lawmakers who get reports from state regulators can say, "Everything is fine. We don't need to make changes."

Lawmakers are refusing to introduce an electricity bill that would seek to end deceptive marketing practices that electric companies use to rake in huge profits each year.

In 2021, a revolutionary new product called eSaver hits the market. It is a small, compact, affordable and easy-to-use plug-in unit that stops unnecessary power from entering cables and overloading the network.

eSaver reduces power consumption while protecting you from damage related to power sags and surges. Honestly, they didn't even think about the economics at first, they just wanted to do something good for the planet, but people all over the world bought the device. You could say everyone wins.

What can eSaver do for you?

The benefits of eSaver are unmatched, and researchers believe the device could end the unaffordable electricity bills that can dent the income of the average wage earner at the end of the month. Scientists initially spent months trying to debunk the efficacy claims, but these studies now prove that eSaver should be commonplace in every household.

It's easy to connect, just plug it into the wall, and it's suitable for standard homes and apartments connected to the grid. It also has a counter that shows you how to use your energy more efficiently, while giving you the rewards of a more powerful appliance life cycle. In just a few months, you've earned back the money you paid for your original purchase.

What can I save by using eSaver?

This revolutionary device doesn't just save you money—no, it has an interesting side effect: it extends the life of your appliances and electronics.

We asked ourselves how this was possible, and on investigation we found out why: Because eSaver stabilizes the electrical current in your home, these other products that are also regularly plugged in are protected from the dreaded power spikes, especially during storms period weather.


✅Can help you save on energy bills

✅Load capacity: 5kW – 19kW

✅ Pay for itself after a few months

✅Compact, easy-to-use plug-in unit

✅Extend the life of other household appliances and electronic products

eSaver returned its price for its first month in our office (and all months thereafter), multiplied by three. Because it's so easy to forget it's there, we started a new office tradition of going out for a drink with the money the device saved us that month.

【No waste of electricity】Do not steal electricity, automatically help you save daily energy waste, thus saving your money.
【Best Choice for Energy Saver】High efficiency, environmental protection, stabilize voltage, balance current, control capacitors and prevent current fluctuations to save electricity. The multi-protection security system ensures total protection for you and your equipment.
【Easy to Use】The power saver plug is very easy to use, just plug the power saver into the wall outlet, no special attention or maintenance is required. Help you improve electricity efficiency and avoid waste of electricity.
[Wide application] Suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, electric fans, televisions, lamps, speakers, fluorescent lamps and other products.
Size: 10x6cm; Product Contains: 1 x Battery Saver Box

eSaver is absolutely 100% legal; there is no legal risk in owning this great power saving device, because in short, you are not breaking any laws. Of course, the power companies weren't happy with this, so they went out of their way to hide the eSaver from the public eye.