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Outdoor Camping Survival High Hardness Folding Knife

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  • ✅【Versatility】: A versatile tool suitable for various tasks. Whether you need to cut the rope, open the bottle, or tighten the screws, this small knife can help you handle it.

  • ✅【Durability】: Made of AUS steel and G10 handle, it is durable and durable. AUS steel is a metal alloy with a high carbon content, while G10 handles are resistant to moisture, heat, and impact. These materials are combined to create a pocket knife that can withstand extensive use.

  • ✅【Precision】: Blades are also known for their ability to maintain sharp edges, making them an ideal choice for precise cutting. Whether you are carving wood, preparing food, or performing delicate tasks, this knife can give you the control and accuracy you need.

  • ✅【Comfort】: The G10 handle is both comfortable and durable. It has a textured surface that provides a stable grip and an ergonomic shape for a comfortable fit


  • Material:Cold Steel Material

  • Weight: 300g