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Dynasty Series Serbian Cleaver

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"I started using the cooking guilds knives and fell in love with them. "

Chef Michael Symon - Iron Chef America


Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Your Dynasty knives will be the last you ever need — or want — to own. 

Each Dynasty knife is hand-forged using premium high carbon Japanese steel and the San Mai technique. By covering the blade’s hard steel core with two layers of “softer” steel, your knives will stay sharper longer, resist corrosion, and last for a lifetime.

More importantly, they feature a blade edge so sharp that it always feels like you’re cutting through butter — no matter what you’re slicing!

Beautiful Rosewood Handle

The steel isn’t the only eye-catching element in a Dynasty knife… the rosewood handle adds a touch of elegance that will make guests gasp!

Finished with bespoke TCG pins, it is the epitome of style and performance.

Built To Last A Lifetime

Superior craftsmanship and a lifetime warranty means these are the last knives you will ever need — or want — to own!