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Caviar Eye Cream【buy one get one free】

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Clinically proven to visibly reduce droopy eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes

"I've been battling droopy eyelids for a long time and it's starting to affect my confidence. I've tried various creams and remedies, but nothing seems to work. Until I stumbled upon the Flysmus™ Electric Vibrating Eye Massager Cream Tube. After using this eye cream for a few days, I noticed a dramatic change in the look of my eyelids. They look more lifted and younger, and I feel like I have regained my confidence!" - Anne Griffin

"As an older woman taking care of my grandchildren, I'm not getting enough sleep and the eye bags and wrinkles are really starting to show up. I tried this Cream Vibrating Massager with Electric Eye Cream and I'm very happy with the results. After using it a few times, My eye area looks brighter, smoother and more refreshed. Eye bags and wrinkles are less visible and my skin feels firmer and more elastic. I feel more confident and awake now, even with my grandson After a long night." - Sheila Dawson

flysmus ™ Electric Vibrating Eye Cream is a skin care product that combines vibration technology and eye cream. This creates micro-movements in the skin around the eyes, helping to improve circulation, reduce eyelid drooping, and increase the absorption of the eye cream's active ingredients into the skin.  

Dr Victor O'Brien is a skilled dermatologist and dermatologist with over ten years experience. He is known for his knowledge of skin health and the way he uses cutting-edge beauty procedures. He oversaw the research and development of the flysmus™ Electric Vibrating Eye Cream for Manhattan Dermatology Associates in New York City. According to Dr. O'Brien, flysmus™ Electric Vibrating Eye Cream is one of the best treatments for puffy and droopy eyelids.

Age-Related Blepharoptosis: Understanding Droopy Eyelids in Older Adults

A droopy eyelid, also known as ptosis. As we age, our body's production of collagen decreases, which can contribute to the development of droopy eyelids. The muscles throughout our bodies can weaken, and the same is true for the muscles that control the eyelids, causing the eyelid to droop. This condition is known as age-related ptosis.


Age-Related Changes and their Impact on Eye Wrinkles and Bags

As we age, the skin around the eyes undergoes various changes that can contribute to the development of wrinkles and droopy eyelid. It is mainly because of the loss of collagen. Collagen is a protein that helps maintain the structure and elasticity of the skin. As we age, the production of collagen decreases, causing the skin to become thinner, less elastic, and more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. Plus, aging is a complex process that can contribute to fat shifting or accumulating in different areas of the face, including around the eyes.

Revitalize Your Eyes: The Benefits of Electric Vibation for Reducing Droopy Eyelid and Wrinkles 

Increased Absorption

The gentle vibration of the eye massager can help create tiny openings in the skin, making it easier for the eye cream to penetrate deeply into the skin layers, maximize its effectiveness, and deliver better results.

Improved Circulation & Muscle Tightening

The massaging motion of our massager can help increase blood flow to the upper-eye area, which can help deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells and stimulate lymphatic drainage in the under-eye area.  As a result, this can help improve sagging and the muscles around the eye. The gentle massaging motion of the electric eye massager can help relax the muscles around the eyes, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and droopy eyelids.

2 Key Powerful Ingredients: Pure Gold Extracts and Caviar Extracts


Pure Gold Extracts 

Gold extract is rich in antioxidants that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.It can also help stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity and firmness, making the skin look more youthful and radiant. Plus, it can improves blood flow to the skin, which can promote lifting and cell regeneration.


Caviar Extracts

Caviar is very rich in nutritious elements, including proteins, minerals, vitamins and lipids. The Caviar Extract is uniquely structured to deliver these potent nutrients directly to the cellular level of the skin. The most important properties of Caviar Extract are its moisturizing, nourishing, vitaminizing, retexturising qualities – all of which help prevent the aging process in different extends. By providing an external source of DNA, is said to be an ideal additive to repair skin damage.

Eliminates Several Eye Problems

What makes flysmus™ Electric Vibrating Eye Cream Special?

✅ Dermatologist tested
✅ Electric vibration for maximise penetration
✅ Decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
✅ Reduce Droopy Eyelid & Dark Circles
✅ Boost collagen product 5x more
✅ Plumps up and smooths skin
✅ Mositurizing and hydrating at the same time
✅ Raw materials from France

Here are some of our happy customers

"I have been using flysmus™ Electric Vibration Massage Eye Cream Tube for over a month, and I am quite pleased with it. Due to my drooping eyelids, I have severe wrinkles and puffiness around my eyes, which affects my eyesight. But there is definitely a change after using this electric eye cream. After washing my face at night and before moisturizing, I apply it. After doing extensive research, I believe I have found one of the best products that is also very reasonably priced. I'll keep using it for a very long time." - Lauren Craig

“由于我的眼睛周围非常浮肿,而且我的眼皮下垂,而且我的眼睛下面似乎有两个大袋子,我的妻子经常说我看起来并不精神焕发。我的眼皮和眼袋变紧了,每天早晚在眼周使用flysmus™电动震动按摩眼霜几周后,浮肿就消失了。现在,我的眼睛看起来好多了。” - 马丁斯旺


1. 涂抹于清洁、干燥的眼部下方区域。每天使用它以获得最佳效果

2. 轻轻加入奶油

3 . 用振动棒轻轻按摩


1 x flysmus™ Eye Cream Tube ( 20g )